Stand In Your Power – x2


SALE: $5 off when you bring a friend! Enhance your confidence with a friend. Feel supported and have extra fun.


Get $5 off when you bring a friend!

Enhance your confidence so you can ask for what you want and be heard the first time!

This three hour interactive workshop will include exercises and discussions that will give participants a toolbox of strategies so they can stand up for themselves, follow through on their desires and hold their audiences’ attention. Women will also discuss what gets in the way of acting effectively: self-sabotage, invalidating their own feelings, and seeking other’s approval. We will also touch on how values and beliefs influence actions.

Equality does not come easily. Our culture has to change to be more inclusive of women. Women still only make 78 cents on the dollar compared to men and currently hold only 4.6 percent of CEO positions at S&P 500 companies (Catalyst). The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology confirmed that throughout the world, men have higher self-esteem than women and the National Bureau of Economic Research reports that women are less likely than men to negotiate their salaries. Men must help make space for change, but it is up to women to strengthen themselves to bring about the improvements they want in their own lives.

Don’t give away your power. Claim it for yourself. Sign up for the Stand In Your Power today.

July 25, 2017 7-9pm

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