Growth Opportunities

Women’s Aligned and Empowered Workshop

April 14, 2018     1-4pm     Tabor Space, Portland, OR

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Align Your Body, Boost Your Confidence and Challenge Your Fears!
Join us for this inspiring workshop where we will reveal how your current movement habits may be sabotaging your health goals. We will explore specific circumstances where you are struggling to speak up for yourself and give you tools to overcome your fears and break through those barriers. Walk away feeling ready to advocate for your body and yourself.

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One-on-One Coaching

Life works like a web, when one aspect is off, its threads pull on others. We have to figure out what aspect needs the real work so the others bounce back. Sometimes many aspects need attention. A longer commitment to life coaching allows you a chance to see real change. I like to start with a 3-month commitment. This gives you the time needed to create new habits and make them stick. 

One-on-one participants start off with a 90-minute introductory session where we work though some exploratory exercises. These provide a coherent way for you to tell me all about yourself and your life. Through these exercises we can identify your strengths and values and how they appear in your life, as well as how they can be more a part of your life. In the 55-minute weekly sessions that follow, we identify a clear vision and plan to work toward. That plan will utilize your strengths and line up with your core values. When your desires line up with your core values, it is easier to keep to follow through. You can also recognize more quickly when you are off the path leading towards your dream.

One-on-one participants can meet with me in person or online via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. 

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Stand In Your Power – Assertiveness Workshop

Enhance your confidence so you can ask for what you want and be heard the first time!
This 2-hour interactive workshop will include exercises and discussions that will give participants a toolbox of strategies so they can stand up for themselves, follow through on their desires and hold their audiences’ attention. Women will also discuss what gets in the way of acting effectively: self-sabotage, invalidating their own feelings, and seeking other’s approval. We will also touch on how values and beliefs influence actions.

Classes Begin Again in May


Live Your Truth Weekend Workshop


A weekend workshop designed to get at your own truth and practice saying what you want. Course includes, empowerment exercises, mind mapping to get at your truth and look at what beliefs keep you from sharing it, self-compassion tools and tuning into your intuition.

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Worth It, An Unromantic Comedy

Feeling Disheartened by the Modern Dating Scene? Leave Your Next Date Feeling Satisfied.

Enjoy an Evening of Stories from the Modern Dating World and Walk Away with Tools and Resources to Improve Your Dating Experience.

Coach Alexis Moore Eytinge performs a one-woman show exploring the problems of dating in the 21st century. Through her own dating experiences she explores how the media shapes our beliefs about relationships and offers some exercises on how to create a new relationship model. Through tales of curious dates and romances Alexis shares comical meetings, the rollercoaster of miscommunications and the challenges of wanting relationships to be something they are not. Some stories are wistful, some are hilarious but all have lessons and bring clarity for setting future dating intentions.

Next Performance September 2018