What is Coaching Like?

Our First Date:

We’ll meet online or in person for 90 minutes. We’ll get to know each other, do some exploration exercises and get to pinpoint your dreams, which may simply be to have a clear dream – depending on where you’re at. Then, we’ll meet regularly setting weekly action steps to get you there.

Our Second Date:

We meet for 55 minutes and finish up any exploration exercises and create a plan to achieve your dream, big steps, as well as little steps to achieve this week. We’ll look at what is in your way and what supports you have in place what will motivate you. We will figure out one or two actions steps each week. These steps will keep you moving forward.

Our Third Date:

We meet for 55 minutes and talk about what tasks you completed or didn’t. We can talk about why you didn’t complete a task and what was in your way: fears, time, motivation or not. What we talk about is entirely up to you. I will check in to make sure we are on a path that feels good for you.

We meet regularly at first to make sure we confront all the issues. If daily frustrations and challenges get in the way of you stepping closer to your dreams, we probably should look at those, but only when you’re ready. Often we end up talking about what is going on presently,  what is on your mind. We look at the current issues, until we get to a place where the space to work on your dream is made. This time frame varies.

I offer 3-month plans because that is reasonable amount of time to give yourself to make big changes in your life. After the initial 3 months we will check in and see what feels needed. We can continue meeting weekly or move to monthly meetings. These can be purchased in packages or per session.