About Alexis

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I’m Alexis Moore Eytinge, an assertiveness and confidence coach in Portland, OR. When I’m not coaching, I love to share the latest research about self-confidence building skills through storytelling and vocal performance. Over the past three years I have created, performed in and produced eight cabaret shows. I am currently writing a one-person play about a journey to confidence and living authentically. It includes my struggles learning to value myself, binge watching Netflix, cookie and ice cream addictions, avoidance shopping, accepting my emotions, believing I am worthy of my dreams and finding the courage and resources to follow them.

I have always wanted to empower women. As a teenager, I was big chested and suffered through underwire hell. One day, I got fitted at Nordstrom’s with my mom and I discovered the glories of a properly fitted bra. At that moment, I wanted to become a bra saleslady and help women find bras that actually fit. I never did find work at a bra shop, although I considered it. Now, I encourage women to go braless whenever they feel like it, it’s their choice! There is no law saying you have to wear a bra.

In high school, I took multiple friends to Planned Parenthood to get contraception when they didn’t feel comfortable asking their own doctor. My parents were very clear with me, “no unwanted babies, no diseases.” I wanted the same for my friends. While in college at Portland State University, I became passionate about improving the sex education programs available. I felt women and girls were missing key pieces of information about their bodies and their right to say no. Today, the internet offers a lot of advice on these subjects, but our culture still makes women feel at fault for abuses they suffer.

I am working to change our culture to respect woman and their bodies. This starts with women respecting themselves and loving their bodies. I help women who are frustrated with their relationships or lack thereof, by working through the barriers and beliefs that keep them from asking for what they really want and settling for less.

I graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and minors in French and Gender and Sexuality Studies. I’ve worked for Adoption NW and NW Surrogacy law firms, Portland Women’s Crisis Line and a preschool for families with children at risk for abuse. I trained as a coach at Coach Training World in Portland, OR. I love volunteering with GirlStrength, a holistic approach to self defense and violence prevention classes for girls 10-17 yrs.  I also teach Dance Fitness Classes, give Portland Walking Tours and dance Blues, Swing and Argentine Tango. In addition to confidence coaching, I am an Official Instructor of Vibrant Voice Technique


What Others Say:

“Thank you Alexis, for your coaching. My time coaching with you has provided me with numerous break throughs that has helped me to realize my value and increase my self esteem and confidence. Your calm inquisitive support has enabled me to deal with things that I have been trying to work with on my own for years. Through this coaching relationship I feel safe to explore myself and the limiting beliefs that have held me back in my life, specifically in regards to my confidence and self love. I feel the skills and insights I have gained through coaching will help me get everything that I desire and has given me the skills to stop me from standing in my own way. Thank you Alexis, I am so grateful for your coaching!” 

-Tara S.


“Alexis does a great job of creating a safe and comfortable space for her client. She creates a setting where anything can be discussed in complete confidence and the client’s concerns and desires will be the focal point. She is skilled in the use of numerous tools and has a great sense of the most effective choices that allow her clients to progress toward their desired result. Any time you spend with Alexis is time well spent!”

-Bob D.