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Your audience awaits, but you are the one holding up the show. You want to follow your dreams but doubts and fears hold you back. You are frustrated that your innermost desires still sit on the back burner —  you can’t seem to take those first steps to realizing them or can’t seem to sustain the momentum. You come up with a million excuses that keep you from moving forward: You don’t have the time, energy, money or support. You fear that if you start and fail that that would be worse than not starting all.

I help women who struggle to prioritize themselves, find the confidence and clarity to ask for what they want.  

We will work together to identify your values and desires and then figure out what’s in your way. I love helping women define their dreams and create pathways to achieve them. I support women to develop self-respect and trust.

By building confidence in your authentic self, you create satisfying and fulfilling relationships, not to mention an awesome life.

You’ve waited long enough to put yourself first. Take a step today.

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